Saturday, December 03, 2005

AAPPB report

AAPP (Burma) published a report on Torture in Burma's Interrogation Centers and Prisons yesterday. In this report, exile activists who fled to Thai explained the detail of how they were tortured in prison.

From the press release 66 of AAPPB:
Reacting to the report, Senator John McCain, whose essay “Torture's Terrible Toll” appeared on the cover of Newsweek Magazine in late November, said "My heart goes out to those suffering for their belief in human rights and democracy. This report demonstrates that torture of political prisoners is a state policy of Burma's junta. All Americans, who stand by the Burmese people in their aspirations for freedom, should be outraged." McCain went on to say that the report "Illustrates in painstaking detail yet one more reason why United Nations Security Council action is long overdue. Those who care about human rights and human decency should press the Security Council to take up the issue of Burma immediately." 


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