Monday, December 19, 2005

Irrawaddy: The Faces of Burma 2005

As always, Irrawaddy has issued the article: The Faces of Burma 2005. I used to read their “people of the year” article. But I was busy and forgot to visit there these days. Thanks to Lwin Moe’s blog post, I reached there.

So, here it is. The Faces of Burma 2005.

One person surprised me from the list is “Kyaing Kyaing”, Than Shwe’s wife. So, according to this article, she is controlling Than shwe. 

The Faces of Burma 2005

If you haven’t seen previous years articles, here they are…
The people of 2004
Burma’s Influential Figures (2003)
By the way, Irrawaddy should keep a constant name for this every-year-article so that people can find it through search engine. I know the links coz I have these pages saved. If not, it would be hard to find.

The Faces of Burma 2005

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