Wednesday, December 21, 2005

BurmaNet as a blog

It is great to see that BurmaNet is starting to continue as a blog. Ohhh legendry BurmaNet!!!! As much as I know they are the very first Burmese website. They started this news website long before Burmese generals heard about internet. May be these generals heard about Internet like this. 
someone: "bo gyoke, there is a news site called BurmaNet on the Internet!!!!" 
General: "Internet????!!! What's that?"
lol lol lol
Anyway… They are still trying to put all the archive on the blog. And they still continue old website and mailing list. But I would go with xml feed.
(hey… btw, it is powered by WordPress.)

post about the switch

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  1. Yah about time some of those sites make changes.Seems to me they're using connection theme with a few simple changes.

    PS. hey i like ur bg. Cute.

  2. thanks... it's my first try. :)


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