Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogger highlight: Generation96

I couldn’t surf the web much these days and thus I couldn’t reach all new Myanmar blogs. Today I reached to Generation96 blog after roaming 7monkeys’ blog. Generation96 is quite a new blog created last month. You can read detail description of 1996 September Students uprising at that blog. I’m thankful to Generation96 blogger for writing the true history. Until now there are four posts with description of day by day events. I think it is to be continued.

From the post:
Very soon after the US car left, the army sent open trucks right beside us. Another row of soldiers were set up in front of the trucks. The riot police were sent to guard our left, which actually was nothing but a pavement and the wall which we were no fool to climb upon. The back row was took over by the army and another row of soldiers coming down in front of us and stood just a step before our front line. The situation was pretty bad. We shifted all the girls in the center and all the big guys at the far ends. I was on the third row from the right. It was now us, the line of soldiers, the trucks, and the line of soldiers. Every single soldiers was equipped the same and standing a step away from us.


Events before 96 Uprising

96 Uprising - Out of School

96 Uprising - Hledan Junction

96 Uprising - At the foot of Shwe Dagon

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