Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flood around Mandalay and Kyauksae

The region around Mandalay is flooded due to heavy rain these days. After very heavy rain on the night of October 8, Nga-pyaung dam was broken and villages in Kyauk-sae Township were flooded severely according to the news I got from people living there. The condition over there is pretty bad but no rescue for the people was made by authorities. In Yay-won village, water level is around 15 feet and all (one storied) houses are under water now. It was said that more than 150 people are still missing. The flood is getting worse after excess water level in Kin-Dar dam was released the next day.

In Mandalay, suburb area was flooded last week due to water stored unnecessarily in Taung-thaman Lake and released water from Sae-daw-gyi dam.

No news about flood is allowed to release by media and people in Yangon got no information about that.
If you turn on TV accidentally, you would see members of National Convention lying shamelessly.
I shall update...

Update: Oct14
Please read the following for updated news. Myit-nge, Kyaut-sae, Myittha and other towns towards the south until Make-Htee-Lar  is still flooded. There is still not enough rescue yet :(

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  1. Hey I hear the floods are getting worse. :(
    still no resuce?!!?!


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