Sunday, June 17, 2007


Safari iconYay!!! I got a new toy. I downloaded and testing Safari on my windows machine.

You know Apple released windows version of Safari browser and already reached 1 million downloads within 48 hours. But it was said that this beta version still has vulnerabilities. So, previously, I thought I should wait for stable version. But I felt itchy and downloaded it today. ;)

So, what's the difference?
Well, the interface is in apple style as usual (like Quicktime). It is gorgeous. (except I cannnot resize it easily :D  )

The first thing I noticed is font smoothing. It is awsome. It looks like Windows's ClearType. But the one on Safari is not using ClearType. Apple is always famous for it's wonderful typography, u know. In old days, Burmese desktop publishers used Apple Mac's only because of beautiful Burmese fonts on it.

Here are screen shots of zawgyi-one font on different browsers and font smoothing.

Wait!!!! I still cannot use Safari online. :) Coz, there is no way to configure it to connect Myanmar ISP which uses proxy server. I think that option will appear on stable version.

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