Monday, June 25, 2007


I read RSS feeds on Bloglines previously. But, these days, my dial up connection is getting worse and I decided to use RSS feed reader which I would be able to download feeds and read offline.

The only reader I have is Opera browser. So, i enter the feed URLs and started using it. But, I felt frustrating when it didn't update well.

There, I searched for Firefox extension and found this extension (add-on) called Wizz. The first thing I did on Wizz is importing my live bookmarks. Wizz works on sidebar of Firefox and it has three panes. Top one is list of Feeds. Middle one is list of posts from selected feed. And bottom pane shows the post contents. If you single click the post, it opens the web page of post in main window and if u just mouse-over, it shows the feed content only.

If you don't want to see its toolbar, hide it and just add two buttons of it.

I think Wizz is quite good if you want to read feeds offline like me. It was a little bit weird for me when I tried first time since its terminology for feed is "channel". So, if you want to add new feed, right click and select "add channel". Still I don't know what "watch list" is for. I gotta read its help page later.



  1. u dont use google reader offline mode bro? It's pretty good too. As for me, I just synchronize my feeds from online to offline before switching off the network.

  2. Wow!!! It's cool!!!! I have never tried Google reader b4. U should had told me earlier. :P Thanks for the info sis. :)


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