Monday, June 04, 2007

Go to hell damn SLORC

Go to hell damn SPDC
Hello guys and gals, long time no see, huh? I have many things to talk about while I couldn't blog. Let me start with serius talks first and blah blah blah later.

A blogger friend of mine sent me one news two weeks ago. Although this news is quite late now, i think, I must speak out.

Damn SLORCSPDC no longer allows some charity organizations to continue. Why on earth they could stop people from doing good thing? Since they oppressed peaole, everybody is suffering from poverty. This time, these charity organizations are helping out poor people  for health care and funeral. Most prominent org is (U) Kyaw Thu's "နာေရး ကူညီမႈအသင္း". What the hell is this SLORCSPDC doing? They just want to see people suffer? They insulted people too much. They also extended house arrest for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. This is also insult to people of Burma. Believe me, You SLORCSPDC and everybody letting SLORCSPDC stands well will surely go to the bottom of hell and never escape.

Announcement of SLORCSPDC page one
Announcement of SLORCSPDC page two

UPDATE: I don't know why I wrote SLORC instead of SPDC. SLORC is an old name, huh? anyway, SPDC, SLORC all the same.

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