Saturday, February 25, 2006

Damn the dam

Do you think hydroelectric power is environmental friendly?
Not really. Because Hydroelectric power used to come along with notorious dams.

Now, Burmese military regime and Thai government are planning to build several large dams along Salween river. Actually, Thai gov is not going to build any large dam more in their country due to environmental impacts. So, they are planning to build dams in Burma and get hydroelectric out of them. And not only electric they will get, they will also redirect water from dams to Thai’s large lakes and river with canals.

Burma stupid generals just know how to get money. They do not consider how much damage will be caused by these large dams to the country. The environmental damage cannot be changed back once happened.  Once these dams are built, Burma will suffer from these dams eternally.
salween dam site

Dams cause several serious problems.

People in that region will be forcibly evicted from their lands to make way for dams. Evidence shows that these people have often been left economically, culturally and psychologically devastated.

The ecosystem of the whole region will be damaged completely.

An un-dammed river is dynamic, always changing and comprised of many different ecological niches (specific place or role an organism has in its ecosystem). Ecosystems and cultures are dependent on this dynamism. Large dams will destroy the delicate balance between the river and its watershed, a relationship, which may have taken many thousands of years to evolve. [source]

There are lots of factors more on this environmental issue. It will lead to deforestation and erosion due to flooding and after effects. All river animals and land animals in Salween region will face extinction again affecting the ecosystem. You can read the complete explanation about environmental damage such as Flooding, Physical changes, Loss of species, Climate, Disease, Water Diversion and more at this page. []  .

Actually, last week’s issue of  NDD WINC #237 made me write this. Read the complete document in pdf format here.



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Salween dam site

dam map

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  1. Oh My God!
    Suck! Its really suck! :(

  2. oh gosh, I had not read about this. it's awful.
    they are just giving all our resources away for a few dollars.

  3. yeah. they are selling out everything. first, forests. now river, forest, land, everything. even if one day they choke to death after eating tooo much, Burma will be left with the land with disasters.

  4. thanks for the info. i didn't noe about this.


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