Thursday, February 23, 2006

Validate Google's Markup

slashdot discussion pointed out that Google search page does not pass W3C validation. has 51 errors. I'm sure that is the page people use most on earth. So, it is just a small page with 51 errors. What a shame.

I'm getting curious and checked for Yahoo search. Yahoo has 49 errors.

Now, I'm getting more curious. I checked for MSN search.
OMG!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!! MSN passed the validation. It is XHTML 1.0 Strict.

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  1. thehehe... ishk2... i tested my blog once there.. OMG!!

  2. I tested my site once and I don't think I passed either. Actually, what made my site fail was "Google" ads scripts and Extreme tracking scripts :-)

    Oh well, have fun!!!!!

  3. Among three pages, MSN has most sophisticated page in XHTML with no error.
    Google has simplest page in HTML with lots of errors. Worst of all, google even dooes not have DOCTYPE Declaration.
    And HTML 4.01 was replaced with XHTML 1.0 in 2000. So, why the site like Google still in HTML?

    And of coz, my site has lots of errors too. Some are BLOGGER’s errors. Some errors are just weird. I don’t understand. I’m just an xhtml n00b. :-(

  4. ha ha.

    I 've tested mine once. Then I hardly take out from my mind.:) mee too. lots of holes. ha ha.

  5. nothing to do with w3validation.
    It is about promoting partial-compliant, pseudo Unicode font
    named ZawgyiOne.Change to fully-compliant Padauk Gr font,here is a link -

  6. Furthermore,
    Burmese type Emulator (javascript)
    in Myo's blog is using fully-compliant
    Myanmar Unicode font-Padauk Graphite font.

    မ္ရန္‌မာစာကုိ UNICODE န္ဟင္‌့မ္ရ္ဟင္‌့တင္‌က္ရပာစုိ့၊

  7. Padauk is great. The only problem is it is dependent on Graphite and is a bit inconvenient not to be able to use with regular browsers and regular applications. We use Padauk to display our web pages, too --- Myanmar-English Dictionary published by the Myanmar Language Commission.
    So the need is fully compliant regular Unicode fonts. Anybody feel like implementing one or improving the existing ones? :-) You programmers out there :-)

    Check this page for some info if you are interested in the languages of Burma (Myanmar) and font issues.
    Especially check the reference session.

  8. i had already talked about unicode issue before. use of zawgyione is just temporary. i'm planning to use myanmar1 or padauk.

    MyMyanmar also said they are developing 'unicode-standart-font'. current MyMyanmar font (pseudo-unicode) is so beautiful and smooth.

  9. If u happen NOT having latest Uniscribe,u should have ver 1.473---
    for your MgMyanmar to render MORE smoother and can get easily from Microsoft

  10. I mean this.

    u mean that[]?

    am i lost?
    let me understand. :-P

  11. I mean since u r using Open Type font you should have a latest Uniscribe one.
    Seeing yr part-weblink from
    I think, u already have that latest.We all hoping OpenType Fonts follow strictly
    to Unicode standards and Microsoft's
    new OS Vista to support it.Seems-this website meets W3validation


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