Sunday, February 19, 2006

funny, sexy video clips

Let’s have some fun today.
Here is photo booth prank by Jay Leno. Extremely hilarious videos. I think it’s better to download them and watch coz files are quite big.
Part 1 
Jay Leno Photo Booth Prank
[watch][download flv]
Runtime: 5:28 
File Size: 11.2 MB

Part 2
Jay Leno Photo Booth Prank
[download URL-]
Runtime: 5:13
File Size: 12.4 MB

Note: If you download video, you should add the file extension .flv to the end after downloading. And use FLV Player to watch.

And here are some AXE ads. As always, sexy and funny. ;-)
axe ad
Watch @ google
Runtime:  21 sec

axe ad
Watch @ google
Runtime: 30 sec

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  1. theres an easier way to download the movies.. =) use vdownloader

  2. I cant see google clip bro. I think it doesnt release for out of America yet.
    Is it?

  3. to NLS,
    it is available. I think ur ISP blocked it. u can get first photo booth clip from youtube too. link

    to mr.emis,
    u mean this one? i prefer flv format.

  4. exactly.. it was very good.. =)


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