Monday, February 27, 2006

Drowning Burma

I want to continue my previous post some more. (coz I'm quite furious with it.)  There are a couple of controversial dam projects around the world such as Pak Mun damKalabagh DamIlisu Dam, Three Gorges Dam, and Narmada Dam.
But I think Salween dam projects are the worst. Since these dams will be very large mega dams, flooded area will be very large and it will damage the ecosystem terribly. It will also displace a large number of people. But output electricity will be transferred to Thai. Water from dams will be diverted to the Chao Praya basin, to be used in industrial operations in Thailand.

So, Burma will be left with sufferings. There will be no turning back.

Previously, china also had plan to build 13 dams along Salween River (Nujiang) but, later, on April 1, 2004, the Chinese premier halted the construction.

But Burmese generals are very ready to sell Salween.

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  1. I am also furious about all the dams that are being built. The greed and stupidity of China, Burma, Laos and Thai governments are creating more disasters for the poor people who live by these beautiful rivers. How can we stop them? There must be a way somehow.


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