Sunday, February 12, 2006

Triple six uprising

I’ve been browsing a blog called  Burmadigest, written by some activists . It is a blog with many contributors, awesome articles and rapid updating. And, this is the first blog I found written by Burmese activists. (btw, I do not want to call Burmese pro-democracy activists as politicians. Coz the words like politics and politician give different sense. ) Anyway, there are some posts of them I found good to highlight here.

After 8888 uprising (8-8-1988), people tried to plan another uprising on 9-9-1999 to bring down military regime. But 9999 campaign (or 99999) didn’t happen. Now, there is another call for uprising, triple six uprising, to be made on 6th June, 2006. Actually, Dr. Salai Tun Than’s plan is also set to begin at the end of May. I believe. Triple six will happen.

Triple Six Uprising
Game Plan for the Uprisings

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  1. 6/6/2006 eh? i dun think it's possible. people aren't ready. they need a gigantic motivation.


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